I was leading the marketing team at Meta to bring their vision of the future of augmented reality to life by creating a highly emotional and authoritative brand, that connects technology with human desires.


As an advisor for New Wave Foods I am helping the c-suite to bring delicious, sustainable, plant-based shrimp to the market that it is made entirely from algae and natural ingredients only, with no animal (or sea animal) products.



As a co-founder of Cinnaholic, I created the brand and the customer experience. We pitched the concept on ABC’s Shark Tank and scaled it up to over 100 locations - currently opening all over the country.



I was leading brand building workshops for IndieBio, the world's biggest seed stage biotech accelerator, run by SOS Ventures. My work helped to create massive PR and raised several millions in investment capital.


I worked with BrandAds on building a high quality brand and outstanding product by leading communications and UX/UI. My work resulted in a multi-million dollar acquisition by Extreme Reach.



Other Work

I worked with Warner Music to create artist websites for top 10 acts and newcomers and launching Germany’s largest music platform.

I worked with Heineken Germany on launching the first online-club in the world, Germany’s longest-lasting brand website ever.

I worked with Men’s Health Magazine on launching a hyper-engaged online community.

I worked with Unilever on creating unforgettable brand experiences.

I worked with Viacom on creating digital promotion tools for various brands within the MTV family.

I worked with PETA on designing multiple, highly engaging awareness campaigns that were finalists at the New York Advertising Festival.

I worked with T-Mobile Germany and Apple on the introduction of the iPhone to the German market.

I worked with BBDO, Serviceplan Group and other top agencies on creating ground breaking digital media campaigns for multiple clients.